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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Gancayco Balasbas Associates

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) practice. GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES’s named partner, Atty. Pablo M. Gancayco is one of the pioneers of IP practice in the Philippines, having handled the IP department of other firms even before putting up his own firm with his father, the late Supreme Court Justice Emilio A. Gancayco, over two decades ago.

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES is well-known among the circles of IP practitioners not only because of longevity but also because of the exceptional work provided by the Firm. The associates of GANCAYCO BALASBAS are Included in the IPOPHL list of Intellectual Property Attorneys who have Completed the Training Courses on the Madrid Protocol

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES do the whole gamut of IP work ranging from filing applications for registration [patents, utility models, industrial designs; trademarks, service marks and trade names; and copyrights] to maintenance to IP enforcement actions. We also do pre-filing advice, handle IP prosecution [administrative, civil and criminal], and we also handle matters regarding licensing, technology transfer, cancellation and renewal of registrations.

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES are very hands-on, overseeing everything from filing applications until said applications are registered keeping in mind that registration, even without opposition, is adversarial in nature. One has to administratively defend applications against IP examiners in IPO.

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES do extensive research on our clients’ products apart from having expert consultants outside our firm. The Firm’s knowledge of our clients’ businesses and products is important especially in litigated cases.

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES has litigated cases involving generator sets, motorcycles, cars, cosmetics, clothing, books, physical exercises, spiritual practices and many more.

GANCAYCO BALASBAS & ASSOCIATES likewise does IP enforcement work such as, but not limited to, conducting surveys, surveillance, private investigation, application and enforcement of search and seizure warrants, and enforcement of writs of execution.

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