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Justice Emilio A Gancayco

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Founding Partner

Justlce Emilio A. Gancayco graduated from the University of the Philippines with an associate in Arts and a Bachelor of Laws in 1947 while garnering high ratings in the 1947 Philippine Bar Examinations. He started as a practicing lawyer from 1949 to 1954 and started his judicial career as a State Prosecutor shortly after. He quickly rose up the ranks being appointed as a Chief State Prosecutor in the Department of Justice, an Associate Justice then a Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals until finally becoming an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1987 to1991. He was also appointed Chairman of the Presidential Fact-Finding and Policy Advisory Commission for the Protection of Overseas Filipinos in 1995 [also known as the Gancayco Commission], a Vice Chairman for PhilTrust Bank, a Former President and Director of the YMCA of the Philippines. He regularly chaired or was a member of committees formed to craft or revise the rules of court and laws or rules specially related to the Judiciary. He was an acknowledged and much sought-after authority on Philippine Laws and Procedure.


Emilio Angeles Gancayco was born in Orion, Bataan on August 20, 1921 to Braulio Malimban Gancayco and Emilia Lim Angeles. On June 29, 1946, he married his high-school sweetheart Herminia Melia. Throughout these years, Herminia established her own career as an elementary school teacher (Pio Del Pilar Elementary in Manila), and later as an employee of Philippine National Bank. Together, they raised 5 children. Engr. Efren Mejia Gancayco was born in Quezon City on January 24, 1949. He obtained a B.S. ln Mechanical Engineering and MBA at the University of the Philippines. He is married to Marianne Rosales Gancayco, He is the President of Beta Electric Corp., one of the Philippines leading electro- mechanical contractor. He is also Chairman and Owner of Beta Equipment Sales Corp. Ana Corazon Mejia Gancayco was born in Quezon City on November 23, 1950. Ana obtained her undergraduate degree at St. Theresa's College and her law degree at the University of Santo Tomas. Ana is married to Teofllo Ora, who completed his undergraduate degree in San Beda College. Ana is retired and splits her time between her residence in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City and Corona, California. Dr. Antonio Mejia Gancayco was born ln Quezon City on October 12, 1953. Antonio obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of the Philippines. Antonio and his wife Nida are both practicing physicians in Orange County, California. Emilio Mejia Gancayco Jr. was born in Quezon City on September 21, 1955. Emilio (or Sonny) obtained his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of the Philippines and his M.B.A. at Ohio University. Sonny is a Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors in Los Angeles, California. Atty. Pablo Mejia Gancayco was born in Quezon City on July 1, 1957. Pablo or Ambo obtained his B.S. in Political Science and law degree at the University of the Philippines.

Ambo is a Managing Partner at the Gancayco, Balasbas and Associates. All in all, Emilio and Herminia has Sixteen grand children, all of whom are doing well in their respective careers.

The Gancayco Foundation

The Gancayco Foundation was organized in 2009 as a charitable foundation in the Philippines focused in perpetuating the values, passions and advocacies of the late Justice Emilio A. Gancayco (JEAG) and his beloved wife, the late Herminia M. Gancayco, The Gancayco Foundation focuses in supporting education in Orion, Bataan. Education is a big part of their story. Education was the key for Dad and Mom to migrate to Manila, and live the lives they chose. Education was Mom’s first profession, being a public school teacher for many years. Education is one of the most important values passed on to their children, the key they in turn used in leading their respective lives.

In addition to educational support, the Gancayco Foundation considers other worthy projects that benefit Orion, Bataan.

The Foundation also seeks to support JEAG's various advocacies outside Orion. Thus, donations have been granted to the U.P. College of Law and the Century Club of Quezon City.

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